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Homework - Day 1

Homework Day 1
Due October 6th
100 points

Your first assignment will help you become familiar with the resources available to you on Promethean Planet as well has help you become more comfortable with the basic skills required to build a flip chart.

1. Log into Prometheanplanet.com and set up an account.

Search flip chart by grade or content area, locate 3 that you might use

(or modify) to use in your classroom. Download these for your use and

email Robin copies of them. You will share these with your peers when we

meet as a group on October 6th.

2. Create a NEW basic FlipChart to use with your kids.

This flipChart can be on the topic of your choice and should be one you can use with your kids.

This FlipChart should include:

  • Min of 3 slides
  • Notes for activities (notes for Robin)
  • Text (both text box and pen)
  • Shapes
  • Use of a revealer tool
  • Use of at least 3 resources from your Shared Resource file
  • Opportunity for student interactivity with the board. (eg..come up andwrite, sort, reveal )

Email this flip chart to Robin once you have created it -

Remember, if you get stuck you can refer to the training flipchart provided during the Day 1 class.

You can also go to the Active inspire help menu or use prometheanplanet's activetips (under the professional

development tab).


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