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Homework Day 5

Homework Day 5
Due December 8, 2014
100 points

This assignment will encourage you to practice some of the new skills we learned last Saturday in class. It is also intended to help you be ready to embark on our adventure with Active Expressions.

There are 2 parts to this assignement.

1. If you have not already done so, work with Justin to check out a set of Active Expressions for your classroom. Please ask him to help you register the expressions so that they are ready to work with during our next meeting. If there are not 2 sets of expressions open for check out you can share a set. You must have this done before our next meeting.

Bring your expressions to with you on our Dec 10th meeting.

2. Flip Chart

Create a flip chart that that you can use with your students. This flipchart must contain:

A Minimum of 5 slides
Note on each slide that explains the slide actions
Ticker tape that is saved to the slide. Watch the Activetip below to see how to save the ticker tape to a slide
A "magic" slide that incorporates the use of layers. - Click here to watch a movie to view an example and instructions.
Use of drag a copy
Use the camera to capture part of a PDF and insert it in your flipchart. Click Here to see how
Use of a pulltab(s) that can contain anything and are restricted (horizontally or vertically or to a path). Click here for help


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