Day 8 Homework Final Presentations

Day 8 Homework
Final Presentation
400 points

This assignment is designed to help you practice some of the more advanced skills as well as demonstrate mastery of some of the earlier skills we learned. This flipchart will be shared with the group on March 4th. It is worth 400 points so this is your opportunity to make up some points if you are behind. I will also be rating your ability to move around the board and use the different tools so please practice with your students.

Create a Flip chart that you can use with your students that you can use with your students. This flipchart must teach a lesson and Incorporate:
  • a minimum 3 drag and drop actions (ie, next page, pen, easer etc).
  • an object action that starts up a BrainPop or Safari Montage Movie (Hint: Navigate to movie>copy the URL - insert>link>URL)
  • 2 containers (you can use the containers made easy resources that Jake Provided at the training. If you do not have these you can download them from Promethean Planet)
  • Use Drag and Drop actions to put a note on each page - use this note to identify what actions and/or containers you have created on the page so I can find them.
  • Incorporate the Active Expressions in this lesson.
Be prepared to share this flipchart with the Class during our final class meeting on March 4th.

Extra Credit - if you have missed class or homework and would like to earn some additional points incorporate Magic Ink in this lesson or create a new magic ink lesson and submit it for extra Credit. Be sure to make note of any magic ink in the lesson so I can find it.

You have all come so far this year! Nice work!


Day 8 Class Meeting

Class Meeting
February 4, 2015
100 points


Review drag and drop Actions
Containers 1
Containers 2
Extract Text

Please download the following resource packs.

Today's Flip Chart




HomeWork Day 7

Working with Support Resources
Due Feb 2nd.
200 Points

This assignment will help you become famililar with some of the support resources we have explored so that you are able to find answers to your questions as well as find new ideas to help you with student engagement in your classroom.

1. Watch the Podcast below - Magic Revealer - Instructional Examples.

2. Visit the Technology in the classroom website link below. You will find 2 short movies to watch with examples and step by step directions on how to use the tool. Read this page and watch both movies. Technology in The Classroom This is a good website created by a teacher in Missouri. You may want to look at some of her other ideas too.

Now that you have some examples of ways to use Magic Ink in your flipcharts let's get creative! Create a flipchart that uses Magic ink 3 different ways. This flipchart should include questions that your students can answer with the ActiveExpressions.


Create a flip chart with the following elements:

Minimum of 4 slides
Use of at least 2 activities that use the Magic Ink Tool
Use of A Magic Revealer tool
Incorporates page turn effects
Use of 2 actions
Use of 2 sounds

Extra credit - include a video.


Day 7 Class Meeting

Day 7 Saturday January 17th.

Please download the following files for today's class.



Magic Ink
Magic Revealers
Page Turn Effects

Day 7 Homework


Day 6 Homework Due Dec 17th

Today’s task will be to create a flip chart for use with your students that incorporates the use of the Active Expressions in your classroom.

Your flip chart (or charts) should include some content that is relivant to what you are teaching in the next 2 weeks and should have a minimum of 5 questions.

  • A minimum of 1 of each of the following question types -
  • Multiple Choice
  • True False
  • Text entry (first grade can use a yes/no here if you wish)
  • Number Entry
  • An On the fly question (plan to work one in using the wonder wheel)

Your homework this month will be to complete this flipchart, use it with your students and provide me with a written 1 to 2 page written reflection paper discussing the process, how your students respond and your own personal thoughts.

Your reflection paper will be due via Email by 12/15.


Day 6 Class Meeting Dec 10, 2014

Class Meeting
Dec 10, 2014
100 points


Share the Flip charts you created for Day 5th homework.

Review any skills or questions needed.

Active Expressions (Learner Response System)

Registration of Expressions
Built in Questions
On the Fly questions

Creating Questions
  • Multiple Choice
  • True False
  • Text Entry
  • Number Entry
  • On The Fly Questions (using the wonder wheel)
Create a flip chart - This flipchart will be used to present questions to your students using the expressions.

No Class on December 17th. Please use this time to complete your papers. They should be turned in by midnight.



Homework Day 5

Homework Day 5
Due December 8, 2014
100 points

This assignment will encourage you to practice some of the new skills we learned last Saturday in class. It is also intended to help you be ready to embark on our adventure with Active Expressions.

There are 2 parts to this assignement.

1. If you have not already done so, work with Justin to check out a set of Active Expressions for your classroom. Please ask him to help you register the expressions so that they are ready to work with during our next meeting. If there are not 2 sets of expressions open for check out you can share a set. You must have this done before our next meeting.

Bring your expressions to with you on our Dec 10th meeting.

2. Flip Chart

Create a flip chart that that you can use with your students. This flipchart must contain:

A Minimum of 5 slides
Note on each slide that explains the slide actions
Ticker tape that is saved to the slide. Watch the Activetip below to see how to save the ticker tape to a slide
A "magic" slide that incorporates the use of layers. - Click here to watch a movie to view an example and instructions.
Use of drag a copy
Use the camera to capture part of a PDF and insert it in your flipchart. Click Here to see how
Use of a pulltab(s) that can contain anything and are restricted (horizontally or vertically or to a path). Click here for help


Day 5 Saturday November 22nd

Welcome to our Intermediate Promethean Saturday!

Today we will cover:
Saving your ticker tape to a slide
Drag a copy
Camera Tool
Pull tabs
Layers and the object browser

Please start by downloading the Session 5 flip chart and the resource pack below.


Day 4 Homework Due November 19

Day 4 Meeting Homework.
100 points
Due November 17th. 20 points will be deducted for late work.

1. ActiveTips

Spend some time looking at your active tips. Find 2 that you like and think you would use. Send these file names to Robin in an Email. Be prepared to share your 2 active tips with the class on November 22nd. You will also need to use one of these new skills in this weeks homework - see below.

2. Create a flipchart (or charts) that you can use with your kids. This flip chart must have the following elements

Minimum of 5 slides
Include notes for each slide
An activity that allows students to use the Highlighter
Use of a background or backgrounds
Link to an outside website
Use of a ticker Tape - (Look up the ActiveTip on Tickertapes - save your ticker tape to a slide and note this in your notes)
Use of Drag a copy.
Use of at least one new individual skill learned from the ActiveTips - this should be from one of the ActiveTips you send me.


Day 4 Meeting November 5th

Agenda -

  • flipcarts from week 2 homework.

  • Highlighter - How can use use this in a lesson?
  • Adding a link
Resources for you
  • Active Tips - subscribe and begin download.
  • Promethean Help menu

New Skills

  • Ticker Tape
  • Drag and Drop action
  • Creating a background
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Duel User tools
  • Add student pictures to your flip chart


Day 3 Meeting October 22nd

This day will be used as a catch up day with one on one help for all students.

No Homework.


Day 2 Homework - Due Oct 20

Homework Day 2
Due October 20th
200 points

This assignment will help you become familiar with some more Inspire tools. It will also give you the opportunity to explore Resource Packs and use them with your students. The flipchart (s) you create should be relevant to what you are doing in your classroom so that you can use them with your students.

Part 1 - FlipChart Creation

Create a New Flip Chart or flip charts - This flipchart(s) should have the following elements:
  • Minimum of 4 pages
  • Use of at least 2 resources
  • Use of the Rubber stamp tool (include note)
  • At leaste one PDF file should be imported
  • Demonstrate how to Annotate over desktop using this PDF.
  • 3 Transparent Shapes
  • Fill a shape
  • Duplicate at shape
  • 2 different font sizes
  • 3 different font colors
  • 2 interactive shapes (revealers or other use is fine)
  • The use of the Spotlight tool for a student activity (include note)
  • The use of the window shade revealer (include note)
Part 2 - Log into Promethean Planet.

Search for download and import 2 different resource packs into your My Resources File.

Part 3 - Be prepared to share your flipchart and resource packs with the class on Oct 22nd.


Day 2 Meeting Agenda 10-8-14

Class Meeting
Oct 8, 2014
100 pts.


Share Assignment #1 flipcharts with class

PrometheanPlanet - Resource Packs - How to Download and Import.


  • Resources
  • Rubber stamp tool (include note)
  • Import PDF file should be imported
  • Annotate over desktop using this PDF.
  • Transparent Shape
  • Fill a shape
  • Duplicate at shape
  • Font size and color
  • Interactive shape
  • Spotlight tool for a student activity (include note)
  • window shade revealer (include note)


Homework - Day 1

Homework Day 1
Due October 6th
100 points

Your first assignment will help you become familiar with the resources available to you on Promethean Planet as well has help you become more comfortable with the basic skills required to build a flip chart.

1. Log into and set up an account.

Search flip chart by grade or content area, locate 3 that you might use

(or modify) to use in your classroom. Download these for your use and

email Robin copies of them. You will share these with your peers when we

meet as a group on October 6th.

2. Create a NEW basic FlipChart to use with your kids.

This flipChart can be on the topic of your choice and should be one you can use with your kids.

This FlipChart should include:

  • Min of 3 slides
  • Notes for activities (notes for Robin)
  • Text (both text box and pen)
  • Shapes
  • Use of a revealer tool
  • Use of at least 3 resources from your Shared Resource file
  • Opportunity for student interactivity with the board. (eg..come up andwrite, sort, reveal )

Email this flip chart to Robin once you have created it -

Remember, if you get stuck you can refer to the training flipchart provided during the Day 1 class.

You can also go to the Active inspire help menu or use prometheanplanet's activetips (under the professional

development tab).


Day 1 - Saturday September 27

Welcome to NPS Team Promethean!
Let's get started by organizing our files and downloading some support files.
You will earn 500 points for attendance today.
1. Create a folder in in your Documents folder called Promethean Class.
2. Download the attached files and save them in this folder.


Welcome - Course Information

Welcome to our Team Wiki site. This site will be used to share resources as well as provide a consistent place for you to access your assignments. Please bookmark this site. Linked text below will take you to the instructions you may need to perform a certain task.

This class will is offered via UAF. It is a 3 credit class and the district will reimburse you for your tuition if you pass the class with a B or better. This class has been approved for movement on the pay scale.

Our class meeting Schedule is listed below. Please note that times are tentitive, I will email out meeting times as we get closer to the dates.