Best School Supplies
for Left-Handed

When there is a left-handed person in the family, especially a school child, there is always a need for special school supplies designed for those who rely on their left hand to write. My elder son is left-handed and even cutting bread is quite challenging let alone opening a can of tuna fish. But the major problems that left-handed kids face relate to studying at school. I've put up with my son's bad handwriting because I do understand that is not comfortable to write using a regular pen and even unzip the pencil case. So, I searched the web for school supplies for lefties and narrowed down those that have become a game changer for us.

Paper Mate and Sharpie Pens

When it comes to school supplies for lefties it's great that these days most scissors are suited to both right – and left-handed children, so I can purchase most of my school supplied for both children at Discount School Supplies. You see, the prices are quite reasonable, and I see no point to pay more for the same quality supplies. In addition, with Discount School Supplies coupon applied to my order I can receive an extra discount and get what I need at the best price possible.

Westport Titanium Bonded Scissors

However, there are some things lefties can't live without. First of all, these are left-handed pencils that are angled in the opposite direction to ensure the right finger positioning. These pencils are extremely useful for children who learn to write. When they've developed good writing skills kids can switch to traditional pencils, but most will probably stay loyal to the left-handed pencil type.

Pencils for School

Left-handed notebooks are also great and add more comfort to school routine. I usually buy mine at Amazon, and I am happy with the quality service and fast, efficient delivery.

The biggest problem lefties confront with when writing is smearing the ink with their hand. Left-handed pens are designed to eliminate this inconvenience and really help students write neater.

Pen+ Gear Porous Pens

Other school supplies left-handed students would appreciate include left-handed pen grips, rulers, sharpeners and quick-dry gel pens. For older kids having left-handed keyboard is not an necessity as most of them use right-handed keyboard without any problems. However, such keyboard will be helpful to students who find it difficult mastering the traditional keyboards.

As for my son he uses not very many school supplies designed for the left-handed. He can't live without left-handed notebooks, pens and pencil grips. I think it's cool to use left-handed pencils too, but my son is a big fan of personalized pencils, so he asks me to order his pencils at Personalization Mall. When I receive Personalization Mall coupon code I usually stock up on a couple of dozen personalized pencils to last for an entire school year.

Pencil Grips