Skin Sewing: A Native Alaskan Art

By: Katie Kruschek
ACSA parent volunteer Diane Scott assists Charise with her project.
Dorcas Walluck volunteers to teach
students at ACSA how to complete
traditional skin sewing pieces.
In art, students at ACSA are learning how to skin sew. Dorcas Walluck, a lady from Nome, is teaching us how. We are using calf skin to sew, because seal skin is more expensive and unavailable to some of us. The students have the choice of making key chains, ornaments, purses, or pins. First, we choose our pattern. Then, we cut it out and sew a leather or felt backing on. Finally, we add some finishing touches like beads and buttons. Skin sewing is a wonderful Native Alaskan art that we can all try.

Thanks to Dorcas and Diane for all of their support in Mrs. Leeper's Art class!
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